Hi! My name is Lilian Aluri, and I’m the illustrator and owner of The Nerdware Store. I launched The Nerdware Store at the beginning of 2021 to share fandom-inspired designs and connect with other nerds out there.

Our goal is to bring the joy of fandom into everyday life


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About Me

I’m originally from South Carolina, and spent my childhood there. After college in Los Angeles and grad school in NYC, I’m currently living in Baltimore.

I have many siblings who I love to nerd out with, three nieces (including one that I’m introducing to The Clone Wars), and an adorable nephew.

In May of 2021, I adopted my cat Luna from a local shelter, and she’s the light of my life. Then, in 2022, I adopted my foster cat Ed and now my heart is just overflowing with love for my fur babies.

I have anxiety and depression which has shaped much of my adult life, and drawn me even closer to my favorite stories which have given me much needed hope, community, and comfort.

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