So, I quit my job


Pencil sketch of a female mallard duck in the water
[ Proudest Duck Stamp Contest Entry ]
Ink Pen drawing of the gate of Moria from the Lord of the Rings.
[ Post-Exam Doodle from 2019 ]
Pic of washington square park in NYC from above on a sunny summer day.
[ Grad School View ]
purple and green enamel pin with kanan's visor and the words "the ones that love us never really leave us." The pin is on a jean jacket.
[ First Nerdware Pin Design ]


Packaging supplies, products, and more on a table.
[ Order Packing Day ]
Illustration of Ahsoka the gray with the words "not all who wander are lost" above.
[ One of My Favorite Illustrations ]

what’s next

Lilian, a brown skinned multi-racial woman with dark brown hair and bangs, sitting on a brick ground next to a
[ Me in 2022, Blissfully Unaware That I’d Begin Full-Time Entrepreneurship in 2023 ]

4 responses to “So, I quit my job”

  1. Les Avatar

    What a great story. How inspiring to see your humble beginnings and how your persistence and drive have brought you to this point. It reminds me of Sam Gamgee waxing eloquent about how the stories heroes were the regular folk who just didn’t quit.

    1. lilian_aluri Avatar

      Ahhh, Sam’s monologue is truly one of the best of all time. Thank you so much for your encouraging words!

  2. Ally Avatar

    Thank you for sharing this, Lillian! This is beautiful piece of writing and reflection on your relationship with art. I’m super excited to see what you do next! Also, I think you’re right about about the importance of stories. We *all* tell stories about the world and our lives. As a fellow disabled human, fandom has meant a lot to me as well. Fandom has been an escape from the world for me, but it’s also been a “place” to connect with others, and even a space to reimagine my future as a disabled human, outside of mainstream narratives about disability.

    1. lilian_aluri Avatar

      Thank you Ally! I loved your blog too about your own relationship with fandom. It is truly beautiful how stories help us understand ourselves and the world around us and can create a space for us when the world wasn’t really built for us.

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