Three Episodes for the Rebels Skeptic

1. FIGHT OR FLIGHT [ Season 1, Episode 4 ]

Meilooruns in a pattern

Sometimes it takes a few episodes to really commit to a show and, for me, this was the episodes that made space in my heart for Rebels. This is also the episode that introduced me to the one and only meiloorun fruit. If you know anything about me & my shop, it’s probably that I love meiloorun fruits. Meilooruns are not only a fun feature of this delightful episode, they also show up throughout the Rebels stories and have made appearances in other Star Wars properties. But enough about meilooruns, what really makes this episode special is that you get to watch a bond begin to grow between Ezra and Zeb (and Chopper sort of) as they go on a bit of a wild adventure mostly in search of a meiloorun Hera requested to keep them out of her Lekku.

2. path of the jedi [ season 1, Episode 10 ]

For the folks looking for connectings to other Star Wars stories and the lore around the force, this episode is for you. Personally, I’m the kind of person who’s here for The Mandalorian sans Luke and even (god forgive me) sans Ahsoka, because I’m so invested in Mando and baby Yoda. BUT, if the introduction of familiar characters brings you even more delight in Star Wars stories, this is a fascinating episode that helps link Kanan and Ezra to the larger tale of the Jedi. In this episode, they visit a Jedi Temple and undergo several tests, recalling back to the Clone Wars episodes in which padawans face several tests in their search of their kyber crystal. This particular Jedi
temple is hidden and opened only with the force and this episode will not be the last time we visit this temple in Rebels.

3. The Call [ season 2, Episode 15 ]

An illustration of a purple purrgil space whale.

One of the only things I obsess over more in Star Wars than the funky food is the creatures. Lothal, where Star Wars Rebels primarily takes place, is home to many adorable and majestic creatures, some of which seem to have a mysterious connection to the force. In other episodes, we get to meet some of these creatures, but this episode of season 2 gives us a chance to meet another fantastic creature that lives in outer space: the Purrgil. Wonder is one of the key emotions of this episode. From when we first meet the purrgils to when we learn something truly astounding about them at the end of the episode, this episode showcases the beauty and majesty of these space whales. If you’re a fan of Star Wars creatures, you’ll love the purrgils.

I hope this helps those seeking a reason to watch Rebels and those seeking episodes to watch with the people you’re trying to convince to give Rebels a try.

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