three quotes on my mind this spring

In some ways, these quotes have actually become a part of my language. When I want to communicate a thought or emotion to my friends, family, and even my therapist, I often reach for a quote or moment from fandom that perfectly captures what I want to share.

This spring, a few quotes have been coming back to me over and over, and I want to share these with you so that they may spark new ideas, perspectives, or hope for you.

1: What you seek is seeking you

This quote also helps me find peace when something doesn’t work out as I hoped. When I face rejection or feel far from my goals, I try to accept that it’s not the right time or the right opportunity. Life goes on. And there are more opportunities and more successes ahead.

2: I trade all I’ve known for the unknown ahead

Adventurous is not a word I would use to describe myself. My anxiety and depression have often meant that I choose to stay home with my cats, avoid stressful social situations, stick to my routines, and generally stay in my comfort zone.

View of lush mountains and valleys
that one time I hiked in the himalayas during one of these “adventurous” moods

BUT…every once in a while (thanks to my medication, and usually when ending a depressive episode), I tap into the side of me that wants to discover new flowers, trek through woods just for the heck of it, or read a book I’ve never read before.

This line from Poppy’s wanderin’ song so beautifully communicates that bravery and desire for adventure. The stories of middle earth are nothing if not full of adventure. Bilbo’s life begins again when he leaves his comfortable hobbit hole to go on a dangerous and difficult journey with the dwarves and Gandalf. Frodo, Sam, Merry, and Pippin each change into different people as they leave the Shire to ultimately (spoiler alert) defeat Sauron.

3: I had a feeling so peculiar that this pain wouldn’t be for evermore

No I am not going to the Eras Tour, but yes I am a huge Taylor Swift fan. The music and lyrics in folklore and evermore spoke to me on a spiritual level at a time when I was depressed, isolated, and overworked.

spring blooms always help wake me up out of a dark period

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